STG Vlog series by Isabel Evans

In a world where technological advancement is progressing in lightening speed, we often forget the human experience of the various gizmos i.e., usability of products. To quote one such aspect in the area of software testing is, test automation tools. As testing professionals, we often focus on the functionality of the tools that we use for automation and not challenging the usability aspect of these tools. As consumers of those products, we accept these solution on its face value. Does the automation tool you are actively working with make you feel happy and quietly proud, or scared and frustrated? World renowned Testing Guru Isabel Evans has been doing research on this topic and it is a privilege for STG to share the vlog series recorded by her, sharing some of the insight from her fantastic endeavour. In this 7 part series of brief videos, Isabel sets the premise brilliantly and delivers enlightening thoughts on this topic. Please follow the below YouTube link to view the vlog series.